What We Stand For

The Commission on Public School Employee Health Benefits includes five voting members from school boards and school employees. Four of those on the educators’ side are Vermont-NEA members and one represents the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.

Put simply, our goal is to establish a health care package for educators that is equitable and affordable.

In some respects, our approach to bargaining is not all the different from what we’ve done on the local level for nearly half a century. We’re going to put our fellow educators’ interests at the forefront, back up our proposals with reason and facts, and fight diligently to reach a deal that is fair, equitable and affordable for Vermont’s educators.

We are fully aware of how the educator health care landscape has changed since the introduction of the high-deductible plans. We know that many educators have experienced unexpected bills, higher costs, and claims confusion. Our pledge is to address these issues as we bargain toward a fairer, more equitable, and affordable health care package.

Please check back here regularly for updates. And let us know your thoughts.